False Confidence

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Anyone who is familiar with the mind-set of Ahmadis will know of their inbuilt arrogance of being the ‘true Islam’ and the 73rd sect which is guaranteed heaven whereas the remaining 72 are hell-bound. This is the mentality of the majority of the members of the Ahmadiyya organisation and it is the result of years of indoctrination and confidence boosting tricks.

If a person is told from a young age that they are the most intelligent person and that no-one can counter their intellect then they are bound to grow up with a chip on their shoulder and will become arrogant, even if there is no substance in the claim of them being the most intelligent person. Similarly, from a young age, Ahmadis are conditioned to believe that they are the true sect, that ‘Maulvies’ are full of hate because they can’t win an argument against the Ahmadiyya aqeedah, that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is the ‘Promised Messiah’ and his truth is clearly proven, and that non-Ahmadis take quotations out of context from Mirza Ghulam’s books etc.

This is the reason you will see many Ahmadis full of confidence in their belief in the Ahmadiyya doctrine despite not knowing much about what their beliefs actually are. I was shocked to find that many Ahmadis were even unaware of the fact that Mirza Ghulam claimed to be a prophet!

You will see Ahmadis posting comments on online forums, youtube videos and calling television programmes that discuss the Ahmadiyya issue. However, when they are confronted with extracts and references from Mirza Ghulam’s books which they are unaware of, instead of admitting they are wrong or unsure, they continue to show arrogance by accusing the other party of having misunderstood. It is actually quite cringing to read their comments or see them on TV making themselves look ridiculous. If only they could see themselves.

This is the effect of years of mind conditioning and indoctrination. Since a very young age, Ahmadi children’s minds are programmed in subtle ways – such as having pictures of the ‘Promised Messiah’ and his successors in their homes, mosques and centres. It is very common for the young children to learn the word ‘Huzoor’ (a term used for the Ahmadiyya ‘khalifa’) before the name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). I have personally seen young children who have learnt the name of Mirza Ghulam and his ‘successors’ whereas they don’t know the name of the Holy Prophet (SAW) and his Rightly Guided Khulafa.

When a person is deficient in Islamic knowledge or their foundation of Islam is shaky, their understanding of religion can be played with and manipulated. Thus, such a person can be tricked into believing in concepts that are completely unacceptable in Islam.

Ahmadi children attend meetings and religious events in which they are taught that they are the true sect. They are not allowed to go to normal mosques or teaching centres. This sends messages to their brains that they are different from other Muslims and are not to mix with them in religious affairs.

This kind of programming does not occur in normal Muslim mosques and teaching centres. Normal Muslim children are taught about the fundamentals of Islam, correct pronunciation of the Holy Qur’an, attributes of Allah SWT and stories about the Prophets of Allah SWT. This leads to a sound and firm foundation in Islamic knowledge and principles. The majority of Ahmadi children on the other hand, lack this firmness of faith in Islam but have the false confidence in Ahmadiyya.

All these factors contribute to a false sense of security within the Ahmadiyya community. And this false bubble is very unlikely to be burst since the members of the Ahmadiyya organisation rarely socialise with non Ahmadis. In this way, social practices and religious ideologies are reinforced.

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