Doomed after Leaving Ahmadiyya?

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Members of the Ahmadiyya organisation have been conditioned to believe that a person who leaves the ‘Jama’at’ will be doomed in this life as a result of leaving the ‘true path’. I personally have heard this many times, both whilst I was in Ahmadiyya and also after I left. I was also told that I myself would have a life full of misery because I left the organisation. In this article I hope to break down the stigma attached to leaving Ahmadiyya.

Firstly, this concept is not unique to the Ahmadiyya organisation alone. Many other organisations that keep a strong hold and control over its members spread the same scare tactics of doom and gloom for those members that break the chains of allegiance. Such indoctrination of fear is deliberately planted in the minds of the members from a young age to prevent the member from questioning the beliefs and practices of the organisation. The fear of facing the consequences of doom are too much for the mind to comprehend as it has been firmly rooted in the subconscious.

Ironically, if an individual joins Ahmadiyya and faces hardship or insults from non-Ahmadi family members, the Ahmadiyya organisation labels these struggles as a trial for pursuing the ‘true path’.

The Ahmadiyya organisation employs a systematic programme of indoctrination and conditioning of the mind which is implemented subtly over the years. Members are kept busy with meetings and other functions and kept away from other Muslims. Their lives and social circles are centred around the organisation and its followers.

In addition to this, children are brought up to be subservient and develop a conformist personality rather than being thinkers and challengers. Itaa’at (obedience) is a key thread that is woven into the system of indoctrination. Members are bombarded with speeches at religious events on the topic of itaa’at and attachment to ‘khilafat’ and are programmed to believe that in these two factors lies the key to their salvation. In this way, a false bubble of comfort, peace and salvation is created and maintained. In a sense it’s a mini world within the wider world in which we live.

The conformist personality is less likely to question and challenge. However, if a person does gather the courage to question the belief or practices of the Ahmadiyya organisation, they are immediately frowned upon and marginalised. They are made to feel like they are being disloyal to the ‘team’ and even close family and friends begin to distance themselves from the individual. Again these are deliberate attempts to pressurise the individual from questioning and challenging the system. This is stage 1 of the isolation process.

The next stage is when the real pressure kicks in – once the individual announces their decision to leave the organisation; Family ties will be cut, friends from many years will become strangers, parents will be ripped apart from their children, siblings become enemies. News reports will circulate very fast about the departure of the individual from the organisation and character assassinations and slanderous rumours begin.

Overnight the individual will have lost most of his/her family, friends and social circle and will most likely experience feelings of loneliness and isolation. A sense of belonging will have been lost along with the false bubble of comfort and security.

The Ahmadiyya organisation’s system of controlling its followers and ordering them to cut ties with relatives and friends who leave the belief is against the teachings of Islam. It is unethical to cut relations with a person because he/she liberated themselves from a false and abusive organisation, and then to label the effect of that torture as being a ‘punishment’ from God.

Any person in the world who faces losing family and friends for whatever reason is bound to go through hardship and feel depressed and lonely as a result. This is nothing to do with leaving Ahmadiyya, as the organisation would like you to believe. Any major changes in life will result in difficult and challenging times and this may impact on one’s health. Didn’t the greatest man of all time – Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) face many trials during his life? They were certainly not punishments but were trials by Allah SWT for his most beloved of slaves. Similarly, when a person leaves Ahmadiyya, he/she will also face trials which are designed to purify him/her and bring him/her closer to our Creator.

Undoubtedly losing family members and friends is difficult, but in exchange Allah SWT Provides Comfort and Peace that no other can give.

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