Mirza Ghulam's Character


Mirza Ghulam Ahmad intended to write 50 volumes of his book Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, for which he requested donations from the public. The book was to include 300 arguments in support of Islam. He wrote 4 volumes and then there was a gap of more than 20 years before the 5th volume was published. In the 5th volume he stated that although he had initially intended to write 50 volumes, he had decided that 5 volumes were sufficient, and since there is only a dot (nuqta) between 5 and 50, his intention had been fulfilled.

Roohani Khaza'in Volume 21, Dabacha Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya Hissa Panjam Page 9 (Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya Part 5)







First I had intended to write 50 parts. But instead of 50, I remained content with 5. And since there is only a difference of a zero between 50 and 5, that is why that promise has been fulfilled with 5 parts.

"Pehlay pachaas hissay likhnay ka iraadah tha. Magar pachas se paanch par itkaf kiya. Aur chunkay pachaas aur paanch ke ard me sirf ek nuktay ka farq hai, is liye paanch hissaun se wo waada poora ho gaya".

Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya Refund

As mentioned above, people had paid upfront for the 50 volumes of Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya and when people realised that Mirza Ghulam had not produced the books, they demanded a refund. Instead of apologising to the people who had paid in good faith, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad told them to return the 4 volumes of his book that they already have in their possession, and to take from him [Mirza Ghulam] the few offered coins that they are dying for.

Roohani Khaza'in Volume 17, Arbaeen Number 4, Page 458






The four parts of my book should be returned to me, and the offered money that they are dying for, should be taken from me.

"Chaahiye ke meri kitaab ke chaaro hissay waapis dain, aur jin daraahim ma'roodah ke liye mar rahay hain wo mujh say wasool karlain".


Abusive Language

Roohani Khaza'in Volume 14, Najamul Huda Page 53


Our enemies have become the pigs of the jungle and their women have become worse than bitches.

“Dushman hamaray bayabaanaun ke khanzeer go gaey aur un ki aurtain kuttiyaun se barrh gaee hain”.


Roohani Khaza'in Volume 10, Arya Dharam Page 64

O stupid Aryas go into some well and drown to death.

“Ab aey naadaan Ariyo kisi kuwain mein parr kar ddoob marro".


Foul Language

Mirza Ghulam entered a prayer duel with a Christian named Abdullah Atham, and he 'prophecised' that Abdullah Atham would die within 15 months. When the time limit had passed, Abdullah Atham was still alive and therefore Mirza Ghulam's 'prophecy' failed. When the people stated that Atham had been victorious over Mirza Ghulam, he (Mirza Ghulam) stated that he in fact was victorious  because God had told him that Atham had repented in his heart (despite Atham denying this). Mirza Ghulam went on to say that any person who refused to accept that he was victorious over Atham, was fond of being a 'Wald Haraam'. Are these the characteristics of a Prophet of Allah?

In another place, Mirza Ghulam refers to people who make allegations against Allah's loved ones, as 'Haraam Zaaday'.


Roohani Khaza'in Volume 9, Anwar-ul-Islam Page 31
Roohani Khaza'in Volume 10, Arya Dharam Page 63







Muhammadi Begum - The 'Prophecy'

Mirza Ghulam claimed that God had told him he would marry two women- a widow and a virgin. he claimed that the latter had already taken place and that he was waiting for the marriage with a widow. Futhermore, when his relative Ahmad Baig came to him for a favour of signing some documents for land for his (Ahmad Baig's sister), Mirza Ghulam claimed that God had told him to ask for Ahmad Baig's daugher's (Muhammadi Begum) hand in marriage in return for signing the papers. Mirza Ghulam stated that if Ahmad Baig did not accept this proposal then he (Ahmad Baig) would die within 3 years and the husband of Muhammadi Begum would die within two and a half years, and Muhammadi Begum would be wedded to Mirza Ghulam as a widow.

Roohani Khaza'in Volume 5, Aina Kamalate Islam Page 324-325
Majmua Ishtiharat, Volume 1, Page 102
Roohani Khaza'in Volume 15, Tiryaq-ul-Quloob Page 201




Dreaming of Muhammadi Begum

Mirza Ghulam claimed that God had ordained his marriage with Muhammadi Begum. However, in the following reference, Mirza Ghulam mentions a dream he had in which he saw Muhammadi Begum naked. Clearly this shows his personal desire to marry a young girl.

Tadhkirah Pages 158, 159, 160




Threats to disown son and divorce wife

Mirza Ghulam threatened to disown his son and divorce his wife if they objected to his marriage with Muhammadi Begum. He also threatened to make his son divorce his wife, who was Muhammadi Begum's cousin. These threats were all an attempt to force the marriage with Muhammadi Begum. If God had indeed ordained for the marriage to take place and it was not due to any personal desire, then what was the need for these threats?

Majmua Ishtiharat Volume 1, Pages 219-221





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