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Comparison between Khushoo (Humility) and Ejaculation

In this reference, Mirza Ghulam compares Khushoo (humility) with the act of ejaculation.

Ruhani Khaza’in Volume 21, Zamima Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya Part 5 Page 192-193

Thus, immersion in the remembrance of Allah, which in other words is called the condition of khushoo, is similar to that state of sperm when it gets a form of ejaculation and drops into female genitals and there is no doubt it is a great time of ecstasy in physical state. However just the falling of that semen inwards does not necessitate a relationship between the womb and that sperm, so that it is attracted towards the womb. Thus similarly, spiritual enthusiasm and the state of khushoo does not necessitate that such a person will have connection with the Kind Lord and will be attracted to Him.

Rather, as the sperm gets in the vulva of a whore through adultery then the person dropping the sperm gets the same delight as he gets with his wife. Thus the state of khushoo and enthusiasm of idol worshippers is similar to that of adulterers.

That is, khushoo of pagans and of people who remember God for worldly reasons is similar to that sperm which goes into the internal genitals of prostitute women and creates delight.

Pages 196-197

And then another resemblance in khushoo and sperm is this; that when a person’s sperm enters inside his wife or inside any other woman, so the entering of the sperm into the vulva and movement in the form of ejaculation is like crying. Just like the condition of khushoo results in crying. And just like the sperm jumps uncontrollably to take the form of ejaculation, the same is the situation with crying at the height of khushoo that the tears jump out of the eye.

And just like the pleasure/ecstasy of ejaculation is sometimes halal form when a man makes love to his wife. And sometimes it can be in the haram form when a man makes love to a prostitute. It is the same case with khushoo and tenderness of the heart and crying.

In other words, sometimes khushoo and tenderness of the heart is only for the one God who has no partner, without any contamination of bid’a (innovation) and shirk. So in this way this ecstasy/pleasure of tenderness is halal. But sometimes khushoo and softness of the heart and its ecstasy/pleasure are due to bid’a (innovation) or in worshipping creation or gods and goddesses. But this ecstasy/pleasure is similar to adultery….

It is even written in the Book of Allah Almighty that even in the next life these two pleasures will be present. But they will develop so much similarity that they will become one. Meaning, in the next life, if a person loves and has intercourse with his wife, he won’t be able to differentiate if he made love to his wife or if he was indulged in immense love of God.

And those who get in contact with the Almighty, experience the same feeling in this world, which worldly people whose inner eye is not opened cannot understand.


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